Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball
Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball

  • Simple to use and easy to integrate into almost any training regimen. Great for use at the gym, in yoga, martial arts, or in your living room.
  • Balance on it, lift it, shake it side-to-side – make it a part of your day any way you can to improve your core strength and to increase your endurence levels.
  • No moving parts to break, batteries to change or long manuals to read.
  • Solid weighted core


Exercise IS the Cure

The key to proper fitness and healthy living is exercise, and the key to good exercise is actually exercising. We all make excuses to ourselves because exercise is hard – especially when first getting started. “The equipment is expensive,” and “it’s too complicated” are all excuses that keep us out of the gym. Medicine Balls don’t contain any actual medicine, but they do cure all of those excuses and can enable a healthy start to fitness in the privacy of your own home or gym.

Get Moving!

Medicine balls have literally been around for centuries because they’re versatile, portable, and simple to use. The weighted core makes it hard to move, and the effort to move it is what builds muscle tone and stamina. HOW you move it is up to you. The side grips also make it easier to grasp during swinging motions, so it’s ideal for arm movements that build muscles. It’s also great for weighted sit-ups, trunk rotations, cross-body patterns, lower-body dynamics, squats, lunges, pulls, presses, locomotor drills, or single-handed routines.

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Simple is Smart

The hundreds of exercise machines on the market are expensive, complicated, and work on the general principle of resistance for building muscle. Milliard medicine balls are not expensive, are as simple as a rubber ball, and work on the same basic principle: resistance. Most trainers will concur that if something is difficult to move, keep moving it and muscles will happen, so pick it up and get moving!


• Ergonomic handles for non-slip grip during workouts
• Constructed from thick, textured rubber to withstand abusive workouts
• Increases your explosiveness for two handled sport activities (ex. Tennis, golf, baseball)

Our Promise

All Milliard products are brought to you with safety, quality, and value in mind as part of our commitment to our consumers’ satisfaction.

Reviews of Milliard Double-Grip Medicine Ball

Review 1: Great throwing medicine ball

This ball is built for punishment! I have used it three times each week to practice my discus throwing technique (as recommended by Dan John) into chain-link fences and brick walls. It has endured metal wires, constant concrete crashes, violent throwing, terrible weather, and general abuse yet continues to work just right with no issues.

Worth the investment if you need a ball to throw and be rough with.

Review 2: Really well made!

This ball works in the pool as well. It’s made from recycled tires and has a little bit of a petroleum smell for a week or so, but that diminishes quickly, especially if you use it in a salt water pool.

Review 3: Great product.

This is a well-built medicine ball. Millard makes high-quality products and this is why you see them in big gyms. I got this for my girlfriend; she absolutely adores this because it’s the perfect weight for her routines. I like it a lot as well and have found ways to incorporate it into my pre-workout stretching and with body resistance exercises. The only thing that would make this 5 stars is if the handles had a bit more support for use as a pivot point for pushup style maneuvers.

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