Rubber Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat

Rubber Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat

  • Heavy duty mats with high contents of EPDM resists UV/ozone; perfect for protective flooring for outdoor or indoor spaces
  • Thick floor mats can be used as protector mats to protect subsurface floors from damage due to heavy machinery or furniture
  • Made domestically from 100% tire crumb, this recycled mat is as durable and weather resistant as the tires they are molded from
  • Thick cushion provides excellent anti-slip and anti-fatigue rubber tile, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the home or office
  • This heavy-duty matting mat can fit any size area and is available in three sizes at a 3/4 inch thickness: 2 ft. x 3 ft., 3 ft. x 4 ft., and 4 ft. x 6ft

Shark Tooth Heavy-Duty Matting offer superior wear life and durability because these floor and equipment protector mats are designed for high impact applications and abrasive conditions. Made domestically in USA, these thick floor mats are created from recycled US tire crumbs and polymer binders. Inheriting the durability and weather resistant capabilities from tires, this recycled mat is ideal for inside and outside applications.

With a high content of EPDM, Shark Tooth heavy duty matting provide excellent UV and ozone resistance as outdoor mats. At a 3/4-inch thickness, this thick rubber tile reduces noise, contains vibration, absorbs shock, adds comfort, and prevents fatigue from standing for long durations. Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction ensuring that this product provides unmatched traction to avoid any accidental falls.

In case of a fall, these heavy-duty mats offer a layer of cushion to help avert any serious injuries. The resiliency of the recycled mat helps to relieve stress on joints, unlike hard concrete floors. Shark Tooth mats are available in three sizes to best fit your space: 2 ft. x 3 ft., 3 ft. x 4 ft., and 4 ft. x 6ft. With a weight of 4 lbs. per square foot, these heavy-duty mats can stay down under their own weight any extra adhesives. This allows for this floor protector mat to be modular for any temporary installation in spots. Shark Tooth mats are durable thick floor mats that are ideal for a multitude of applications. If you are looking for something durable and effective, try the Shark Tooth today.

Reviews of Rubber Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat

Review 1: Worry-free workout on a second floor condo

We recently moved to a second floor condo and I was very concerned about disturbing our new neighbors while using my elliptical. We had a typical 1/4″ mat under the elliptical in the ground floor apartment we were in, and when we moved I noticed it was completely flattened under the machine and probably wasn’t doing much to absorb any sounds. This product was the answer! It’s extremely heavy duty.

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I was able to cut it down to size using a box cutter – a lot of sweat and a couple razor blades later, I have it on a carpeted floor. The weight of the machine doesn’t create any indentation in the mat whatsoever and I feel confident it is absorbing a lot of the sound and vibration of the elliptical. We asked that the neighbors let us know if they hear anything, and we haven’t had any complaints. I am also excited that this mat is environmentally friendly, using recycled materials! Well worth the cost.

Review 2: Heavy duty for heavy lifters

Heavy duty for heavy lifters! I just started putting together a home gym in my garage. I’m a former crossfitter and lifter and do a bunch of power cleans and weight dropping. I’m not massively strong, but I was in the top 25% of my serious crossfit gym so a decent amount of weight. I originally bought the “exercise flooring” which interlocks as it is advertised for working out.

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I quickly found out those were nowhere near the quality I needed. This stuff is very similar to the stuff that was at the gym. It’s so strong, it might even be bulletproof. It is heavy and the textured bottom sticks to the concrete very well so no worries of it moving around while lifting. I bought two and put them side by side vertically to give me plenty of room when doing barbell free weights. Very highly recommend. Don’t waste your money on the cheap flooring if you’re going to be doing any heavy lifting or movement exercises.

Review 3: Excellent and Sturdy Product

I’ve really been looking for a mat like this.

Instead of needing it for exercise equipment, what I’ve been needing is a floor/under-desk mat for the wheeled office chair I use in my home office. Specifically, to protect the carpet from getting torn up or worn down by the wheels rolling over it day in and day out. I’ve used standard plastic office mats you can find at most any office supply store, but they tear up quickly, *especially* on thicker carpets since the thicker pile allows the mat too much “give” and thus the thin plastic sheet bends and flexes under the chair wheels until all too soon it breaks apart.

This thick, HEAVY mat is just a solid lump on the floor, and I mean that in a good way. It doesn’t bend and flex like a flimsy plastic mat, and it doesn’t dimple or compress too much underneath the wheels even when I’ve been sitting for a while. I haven’t had the mat very long but already I think it’s fairly clear that this will stand up to the chair rollers WAY better and MUCH longer than a plastic mat ever could. And for a pretty similar price for the size of the mat, too! The mat’s coloration and minor speckling also look quite decent against my dark carpet, so there is no eye sore here.

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As other reviews have mentioned, the mat when it first arrived had a fair bit of small rubber particulates from the manufacturing process, which made a nice mess on the floor during unpacking. Nothing a vacuum couldn’t handle though. I also ran the vacuum over both sides of the mat itself, with the carpet brush feature turned on, and it basically rubbed away all the remaining little rubber particles and sucked them up. This resulted in a nice clean mat that doesn’t leave any debris. The mat does have a minor rubber smell to it as well, but that went away after a day or two.

All in all, I think this makes a wonderful office mat that will stand up to roller wheel punishment, and protect the life of your carpet.


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