Yoga EVO Elastic Strap for Stretching with 10 Loops

Yoga EVO Elastic Strap for Stretching with 10 Loops

  • Elastic Stretch out Strap with 10 loops great for improving your Yoga or Pilates routines. Also good for Ballet stretches and dance warm-ups
  • Fit for beginners: Forgiving when you learn how to stretch, a safer alternative to the resistance cords and bands also great as ballet foot stretcher
  • Useful for upper body, lower body and back exercises, flexibility and balance exercises and as a leg stretching for dancers
  • Online Videos complete your Stretching Kit – 120 min of professional HD video workouts covering basic stretches and exercises with straps
  • 90 DAYS FULL REFUND No Question Asked and 5 years Warranty” for all genuine Yoga EVO products

Why is this Elastic Stretch Out Strap any different?
  • It is soft to touch but also firm enough to hold your poses due to the special blend of Cotton, Nylon and Elasticized.
  • -t will help you avoid injuries, especially on your recovery stretching exercises due to the elasticity provided by the fabric.
  • You can properly fit your arms and legs into the big elastic loops.
  • Besides stretching you can also use it for muscle toning exercises.
  • You get immediate access to the online video gallery so you can start to stretch as soon as you receive your product.
  • You get your carrying bag to easy store in your Yoga Bag.
The Yoga EVO Stretching Strap is for you if:
  • You are searching for easier ways to stretch your muscles, strengthen you upper or your lower body.
  • You just discovered Yoga and you want to learn the basic stretching poses.
  • You are not making any progress on your Yoga posture and you are searching for a faster way to make this transition.
  • You are searching for a more portable alternative to the Pilates light dumbbells or you want a better alternative for the silicone resistance bands.
  • You need help on your recovery stretching exercises recommended by the physical therapist.

Reviews of Yoga EVO Elastic Strap for Stretching with 10 Loops

Yoga EVO Elastic Strap Review 1: Get This Strap ASAP…It’s That Good!!!

just got my strap…it’s fn awesome!!!…congratulations on such a great product…I’ve been using the old fuddy duddy stretch out strap for years, but yours is a whole new level…it combines s o s with my resistance bands & that is a huge time saver and a way more effective piece for me…thanks so much!

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Yoga EVO Elastic Strap Review 2: High quality product, loops give you more options and security in your grip

The quality of this strap is very high and has a nice feel to it. It doesn’t feel like it will snap and break. The extra loops can be used or not. They “give you control over the difficulty levels,” as the vendor says. They also make your grip more secure. Overall the product is good quality and worth the investment.

Yoga EVO Elastic Strap Review 3: Finally one gets the job done.

I love this stretching strap I have a hard time to get all my muscles stretched out I am 5’2 and overweight, so my range of motion is limited. This Yoga EVO Elastic Stretching strap I have an assistant to get the muscles that need to be stretched. I recommend this belt​ it is well made, no worries of the elastic breaking if anyone needs help to get those muscles stretched this is the best strap I have used, and I have tried many.

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